Hand palm biometric authentication and access control device

AerPalm, palm vein biometric sensor technology, is touchless and extremely accurate. Using it, is as simple as waving your hand over a scanner, the same way one uses a proxy card except without a card!

Feature highlights:

  • Advanced biometric authentication algorithm delivers ultra-low FAR (false accept rate) and FRR (false reject rate)
  • Contactless palm vein authentication is hygienic and non-invasive - with no residual trace technology (unlike finger print can’t be copied)
  • Fast and easy registration with virtually no enrolment error

  • AerPalm is ideal for:

  • Maintenance free, enterprise physical access control
  • Time and attendance
  • Visitor management
  • Vending machines
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    Fast iris scan and face capture unit

    AerPass is the first self-levelling, touch-less, plug and play, Iris scanner and Face capture platform in the world. AerPass removes the "Human familiarity factor" from use of Iris Scanning by leaving all the work to the machine.
    AerVision's proprietary solution detects the eyes and controls the robotic arm to align the scanner to the user’s eyes so a perfect scan of the iris can be taken. The scan process occurs in under a second, and allows high throughput iris access or enrolment.
    With AerPass, access control and passenger screening in heavy traffic areas such as airports, corporate buildings and secure facilities becomes easy, fast and very reliable. In fact, the chance of AerPass incorrectly identifying a person is 1 in 2.3 Trillion!! And this is achieved in under 1 second.

    AerPass is ideal for:

  • Border control
  • Fast track at airport security
  • Fast boarding for airlines
  • Secure and reliable access control for high-end secure buildings
  • Access to events
  • Access control in hygienic environment such as operating theatres
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    Plug and play access control kit with palm vein

    AerGate is a highly reliable, yet cost effective and easy to use, palm vein biometrics access control system.
    The AerGate system is designed to easily integrate into the existing door controllers and access control systems, providing all the required components in one package.
    There is no limitation in number of doors equipped with the AerGate system. In fact multiple doors in various buildings can be managed from a central location.

    AerGate is ideal for:

  • Home and small businesses
  • Data centres
  • Secure cabinet access (gun, drug, etc.)
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    Real-time AI for crowd analytics

    AerCrowd provides unprecedented insight into the behaviour of crowd in busy metropolitan areas, airports, railway stations, shopping centres, sport stadiums, highways, etc.
    AerCrowd utilises tens of state-of-the-art technologies, in a cost effective, fault tolerant, easy to deploy, easy to use and scalable solution for real-time people/car traffic data collection. AerCrowd generates statistics and reports used for business intelligence such as occupancy, queue time, dwell time in real-time.

    AerCrowd is ideal for:

  • Real-time monitoring of people/customers flow
  • Real-time travel time reporting in any scale
  • Real-time queueing time reporting. Instant visibility against KPIs and SLAs
  • Measuring conversion rate at retail stores
  • AerCrowd Scanner

    AerCrowd data collection nodes are plug and play, ruggedised for outdoor usage, configurable to communicate via WiFi, Ethernet and 3G/4G; and can be powered by PoE or optional modular battery and solar panel suite.
    AerCrowd Scanner detects any portable devices that has built-in WiFi or Bluetooth. Mobile devices can be detected without the need of being connected to any specific WiFi Access Point or paired with another device. This means one can detect any smartphone, laptop or hands-free device which comes into the coverage area of AerCrowd Scanner.
    AerCrowd Scanner can measure the number of people and vehicles which are present in a particular area at any given time. This data provides a powerful tool to monitor customers behaviour, foot and vehicle traffic.

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    Precision presence sensor

    AerSense is an open access, precision, presence monitoring sensor system. AerSense sensors are adaptive to the environment and can detect even motionless human, large pets or farm animals. AerSense system easily integrates with your backend system such as Building Management System (BMS) and HVAC, occupancy monitoring through its easy to use Restful API.

    AerSense is ideal for:

  • Real-time monitoring of staff presence
  • Real-time occupancy monitoring of any given space
  • Smart homes and building automation
  • Independent living
  • Elderly/Dementia care
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    High performance, accurate people counter

    AerCount system provides number of people entered and exited from any location at any time through its easy to use Restful API. AerCount system easily integrates with existing network video recorders and any backend database.

    AerCount is ideal for:

  • Automatic precise venue head count
  • Real-time occupancy level
  • Gate monitoring
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    Anywhere parking occupancy monitoring

    AerPark is a wireless indoor and outdoor vehicle presence detection sensor network. AerPark sensors can be bolt on or insert flush on any solid surface. AerPark's AI engine forecasts future occupancy patterns, for optimal pricing and service allocation of parking lots.

    AerPark is ideal for indoor and outdoor parking occupancy monitoring; specially when:

  • A wireless solution is required
  • Minimum road alteration is desired
  • Easy integration with 3rd party systems is needed
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    Advanced iris authentication technology

    eyeLock brings the future of access control in reach. eyeLock is the most accurate biometric authentication solution, next to DNA. It can easily integrate with the existing access control, building management and time of attendance systems. It also supports dual factor authentication using 3rd party card reader or mobile phone apps.

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    AerVision technical team is driven by a group of highly skilled software and hardware engineers.


    Our agile teams handle the projects from requirement analysis to applying theory to a high quality and reliable delivered turnkey solution.

    Technology stack

    The technology stack we use is proven to be future proof, cost effective and flexible. Our solutions are deployable on Windows and Linux on PC and ARM-based single board computers and embedded systems and mobile devices.


    We strive for perfection and ease of use of the technology we deliver. Our approach in tackling some of the world's most challenging technical problems has ensured our customers they are up to date and actively involved with the project progress, and proved they receive the solution on time with the allocated budget with exceptional quality and after sale support.

    About Us

    AerVision Technologies Pty Ltd. is a Sydney based tech company developing world class Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence solutions.
    Founded in January 2013 by two leading biometrics and AI scientists and technology entrepreneurs, AerVision has established a solid track record in delivering real results. Our customers range in both government and commercial domains.

    AerVision’s proprietary technologies range from highly accurate and extremely fast biometrics engine to precision robotics and thermal imaging. AerVision products target Security, Biometrics, Business Intelligence, Health Monitoring, Video Surveillance and Forensics Investigation applications. AerVision real-time video analytic using advanced parallel computing (GPU) and embedded systems is making a paradigm shift in the domain.

    The AerVision team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in biometrics, computer vision and machine learning complemented by strong high-performance software and system development skills to successfully create real-world products and solutions. The AerVision team works with small and large clients to develop customised biometrics, real-time crowd analytic, security and surveillance solutions to meet the unique needs of each deployment.


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