AI & Machine Learning
'on the edge'




AI-powered Video Analysis

AerWatch® combines sensing and computer vision to automatically identify interesting objects and suspicious behavior. It uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) with deep Machine Learning (ML) to enable a range of functions, including:

  • human and object detection with activity classification
  • single and multi-camera target tracking
  • recognition using biometric information or appearance
  • monitoring crowd behavior

It is a powerful tool, improving efficiency and responsiveness well beyond traditional video security systems.

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Smart Access Control

AerAccess® is an AI-based solution for Access Control. It delivers several types of biometrics access control and identification capabilities and is suitable for high throughput and highly secure facilities.

AerAccess® units can be configured to operate based on any configuration of identification modalities. For example, access to common areas can be based on a providing a single identification attribute, such as face or card recognition. Access to higher-security areas, such as server rooms, could also require providing at least two identification attributes (e.g. face + card or iris + face).

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Smart AI Meal Scanning / Sensing

AerMeal® is used for monitoring food intake by capturing a precision 3D image of a user's plate before and after they have had their meal.

The user's plate also has a chip that the AerMeal® detects and connects the captured images of the plate to said user and stores this information on the cloud. This device can be used in aged care facilities, schools, gyms etc.

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