AerAccess® Body Temperature Self Check Kiosk

AerAccess® Health is an easy to use self-service contactless body temperature scanner platform. It makes the process of temperature checking fast, seamless and intuitive.

Seamless User Experience

This innovative approach solves the “human factor” issue of having to point a device to the height of the person being scanned. The AerAccess® Health kiosk, through a intuitive user interface with visual feedback, ensures the scanning process works seamlessly and quickly. Use of the kiosk removes the need for qualified personnel administering temperature checks, delivering savings on personnel costs, PPE costs, and training costs.

Intuitive Process

Using the AerAccess® Health kiosk enables a range of workflows. Screen and identify employees, visitors or students who have a normal body temperature so they may continue to work onsite. Identify users who have a heightened body temperature and then encourage them to follow the correct protocol and seek further medical attention. Repeat as often as you like.
Optionally, the system can also take an image and/or do facial recognition. The matching system operates either 1:1 to a photo ID or 1:N in a database. Daily temperature logs can be matched to an individual; temperature screening can ensure that, for example, people with a fever (37.0°C or more) are detected. Temperature thresholds are fully configurable. The Infrared Thermometer readings are accurate to ±0.2° C (unlike thermal cameras that have an accuracy of ±3° C).


The AerAccess® Health kiosk supports Card and/or Facial recognition for access control. It also provides a unique algorithm to detect face mask compliance.


The AerAccess® Health kiosk can be simply deployed as a standalone unit or connected to an access control system. Options for visual feedback with red/green lights, voice feedback and other messaging are available. AerAccess® Health complies with relevant ISO standards.