A.I. based Multimodal Access Control

AerAccess® Solution

AerAccess® is an Al based solution for Access Control. It delivers several types of biometrics access control and identification capabilities and is suitable for high throughput and highly secure facilities.

AerAccess® Units

AerAccess® units can be configured to operate based on any configuration of identification modalities. For example, access to common areas can be based on a providing a single identification attribute, such as face or card recognition. Access to higher-security areas, such as server rooms, could also require providing at least two identification attributes (e.g. face + card or iris + face).

Multimodal Access Control Options

Palm Vein Identification

AerAccess®' palm-vein scanner captures the unique blood flow pattern of a palm in fractions of a second. This serves as an extremely accurate biometric template, with liveness tests.

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Face Recognition

AerAccess®' proprietary facial recognition technology inspired by 16 years of R&D. Performs 2D, 3D, & infrared facial scans including liveness tests.

Iris Recognition

AerAccess®' iris scanner captures both eyes' irises with unprecedented accuracy.

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Mobile Phone: Secure Access Token

A mobile device can be used as an access token, via Bluetooth, QR code, NFC emulation or other standard software-based access token protocols.

Built-in pre-access temperature check

AerAccess®' inbuilt infrared thermometer scanner reads temperature accurate to 0.3 degrees Celsius.

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Multi-modal Touchless Interaction

Hand Gesture Recognition

AerAccess® devices can track hand movements, enabling gesture-based and touchless user interaction.

Voice Control

Voice recognition is an additional option for touchless control of a device. We also use noise cancellation technology to enable the AerAccess® device to work in loud environments.

Eye Gaze Tracking

The AerAccess® eye tracker can detect attention and focus of the user. It facilitates the ability to control a computer using the eyes to enable hands free option of kiosks and other devices.

Contactless ID Scanning

AerAccess® has the ability to scan an ID or Passport by holding it up to the built-in cameras. AerAccess® can also perform optical character recognition.

Compliancy, Integration and Customisation

Personal ID Template

Your personal biometric ID (Palm, Iris, Face) can be stored on your own device. This will allow users to be in charge of their own biometrics template, and comply with local privacy laws.

Multiple Interfaces

AerAccess®' well-designed, yet simple, service-oriented architecture is supported by a rich library of sample applications with source code.


AerAccess® is fully integrated with existing electronic access control systems such as Siemens SiPass, Genetec Synergis, Honeywell EBI, or Gallagher.


Customisable enclosures and form factor, to complement and wow your desired interior design.