AerAccess® Iris Recognition

AerAccess® Fast iris scan and face capture robotic unit

AerAccess® is the first self-levelling, touch-less, plug and play, Iris scanner and Face capture platform in the world. AerAccess® removes the "Human familiarity factor" from the use of Iris Scanning by leaving all the work to the machine. AerVision's proprietary solution detects the eyes and controls the robotic arm to align the scanner to the user’s eyes so a perfect scan of the iris can be taken. The scan process occurs in under a second, and allows high throughput iris access or enrolment. With AerAccess®, access control and passenger screening in heavy traffic areas becomes easy, fast and very reliable.

In fact, the chance of AerAccess® incorrectly identifying a person is 1 in 2.3 trillion. And this is achieved in under 1 second.

AerAccess® Iris Recognition is ideal for:

  • Border control
  • Fast track at airport security
  • Fast boarding for airlines
  • Secure and reliable access control for high-end secure buildings
  • Access to events
  • Access control in hygienic environment such as operating theatres